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Advertising and marketing your products is an inherently visual phenomenon. When it comes to countertop sign holders, floor stands, and poster displays, the art of presentation is not limited to the graphic insert or poster itself. In other words, how are your promotions displayed? Do they grab viewers’ attention with their appearance? Marrying your visual marketing with an expressive sign holder or compelling poster frame brings the seller or merchandiser into sharper focus. Customers take notice, have an emotional reaction (which creates desire and want), and decide they can’t live without it.

Curves are the secret weapon.

Countertop Sign Holders: Simple sign displays used for sales promotions are commonly seen on merchandise tables, in window displays, and on point-of-purchase countertops. While self-evident in their purpose, they are usually regarded without much fanfare. One the other hand, curved sign displays highlighting small 4″ x 6″ printed cards or standard 8-1/2″ x 11″ inserts offer a more contemporary style.

Let’s say that word again, “Style”. Very important in the visual merchandising canon. Instead of using a plain, straight sign holder, a convex or concave presentation adds distinction and sophistication. Available are curved sign displays fabricated in metal with various finishes, as well as crystal clear acrylic displays that float your insert between two curved plates, held together with small magnets. These types of eye-catching sign displays are a breed apart from their traditional, straight-faced brethren.

Floor Stands: Typical applications include auto showrooms, corporate lobbies, and restaurant entrances. Simply extensions of countertop sign displays, floor stands are a little more forceful in their quest to place the marketing or advertising task out in sign holder  front of viewers. People walk up to these sign displays, actively taking an interest in a certain car’s features or that restaurant’s special of the day. Prominent floor stands offer elegant curved poles on which to support the sign displays, while others turn the plain design on its head with heat-formed acrylic in a number of exciting profiles. Advertising this year’s car model with a curved floor stand that mimics the car’s lines sounds like a no-brainer.

Poster Displays: There are many types of poster displays out there and they often include some kind of brochure pocket to augment the experience. Advertising with brochures and full-color graphics affords a one-two marketing punch for the seller. The large-format graphics illustrate what it is you’re selling or providing, while the brochure pockets help distribute your company or product information that the viewer can take with them. With the advent of curved poster holders, standard flat graphics are a thing of the past. These “wave” displays provide undulating curves that produce jaw-dropping results. The rails, making up each side of the poster holder, are extruded out of aluminum and offer modular capabilities. The curved poster displays can stand alone or even gravitate onto walls for capturing customer attention. The curved profiles afforded by these poster frames make a very strong visual statement, one to separate you from the competition.

With the growing popularity of stylized POP displays, it’s easy to see how curved profiles seamlessly blend into the visual merchandising arena. Curved sign displays, used to appeal to the emotive impulse-buying power of the customer, help the retailer move merchandise.

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