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These days, it is a common thing to find parents that want to build a playground at the backyard of their homes just to ensure that their kids get the maximum supervision needed during playtime. This is because most parents fear that their kids may end up sustaining injuries from the playground if they are not properly watched over.

To some people, this fear may be deemed as unnecessary and groundless. However, the reality is that parents have a genuine fear that makes them decide to build a backyard playground for their kids.

Recent stats have shown that there are over two hundred thousand (200,000) reported incidents of accidents sustained in the playgrounds. This number is not negligible and therefore calls for concern.

In spite of this, some other people prefer their kids to use a regular playground when they want to play. This also is not a bad idea even though it has its own cons too. Building a backyard playground for your children is a very good investment. There are many things that are prevented and your kid gets to have that dream backyard adventure that 안전놀이터they really want to do. In having your own playground in your backyard, your children get to have a playground that is custom built for them. In other words, each child is taken into consideration when the building is done. This means that things like the handrails, flooring, and equipments are tailor made to suit each and every child as best as possible.

However, creating a means for a backyard adventure for your children can be costly and time consuming as you have to take your time to research, and consult with building experts and friends before you can finally have that blissful backyard adventure that you desire.

On the other hand, a regular playground does not involve all the stress of research, consulting, planning and extra costs. All your kids have to do is go there and have fun. It doesn’t take up extra space that could be useful for something else and your kids will get a chance at interacting with other children; therefore building their social skills.

Unfortunately, regular playgrounds with all its good sides, also have the negative aspects and the major one is the frequency of accidents that occur in these playgrounds. This is because the equipments are built using a one-size-fits-all model. So, pre-school children who play using equipments built for school age children runs at a risk of injuring themselves.

For instance, a school age child might be able to jump four feet to the ground. Imagine however, that a toddler has to do that. What would happen? So, before making your decisions of whether you want to enjoy a backyard adventure or a regular playground, weigh the pros and cons and well so as to make a well informed decision.

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